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In The Sales Arena

Welcome to "In the Sales Arena" with Jim Jacobus ...

This podcast provides real world strategies, tactics, sales skills and mindset to build the sales career, and life you want! Jim Jacobus has spent the last 20+ years designing, developing and delivering sales and sales management programs for elite organizations like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Halliburton, Akzo Nobel, IBM, XEROX and many more.

In this podcast Jacobus shares the best of the best from the 1,000’s of days and 10’s of thousands of hours spent working with outstanding sales teams literally all over the world! Want more from your sales career and your life? This is the place to be!

Dec 10, 2015

Welcome! Today we are in the fourth week of our Four-Part Series of questions to use individually and collectively, personally and professionally, to make 2016 the BEST YEAR EVER! 

Let’s review the Four Questions:

  1. What is working in our lives/business, and how can we do more of it?

*By “work,” I mean giving you a great ROI for the amount of time you spend. Remember, to know WHAT is working, you have to know WHY it’s working.


  1. What is NOT working, and how do we get rid of it or make it work?

*This is the most powerful and most valuable question to consider.


  1. What do we want to do that’s NEW?

*There are many options both personally and professionally for doing NEW things!


  1. What am I going to do in 2016 that’s BIG?

*This podcast and our Your Marriage Matters podcast were a product of this question from several years ago. Your BIG things can include long term plans for the future, but usually not more than 1-2 items. Dream BIG! Think of GAMECHANGING CONCEPTS!

You can get away for a weekend with your sales team or with your business partner to consider these Four Questions. As we do, you can use them with your family also. They are invaluable in helping you assess the present and plan big for the future! Do something significant this week! Thanks for listening!

Listener Question of the Week: Hey Jim, what is the ONE thing you are going to be working on in 2016?