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In The Sales Arena

Welcome to "In the Sales Arena" with Jim Jacobus ...

This podcast provides real world strategies, tactics, sales skills and mindset to build the sales career, and life you want! Jim Jacobus has spent the last 20+ years designing, developing and delivering sales and sales management programs for elite organizations like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Halliburton, Akzo Nobel, IBM, XEROX and many more.

In this podcast Jacobus shares the best of the best from the 1,000’s of days and 10’s of thousands of hours spent working with outstanding sales teams literally all over the world! Want more from your sales career and your life? This is the place to be!

May 7, 2015

What We Think Matters! - ITSA #036

Welcome To Mindset May


Welcome to mindset May gang. Our tagline says “Providing the strategies, tactics, real world skills and mindset to build the sales career, and life, you want!

This month we are going to cover 4 specific mindsets that make a difference in our sales success!

  • Week 1 – What we think matters!
  • Week 2 - The mindset of an entrepreneur!
  • Week 3 - The mindset of a problem solver!
  • Week 4 – The mindset of a partner to your clients!

Even in our webinars this month we are going to be covering how important mindset is with two webinars dedicated to the mindsets of resiliency and personal accountability.

There is a continuum I want us to consider as a baseline for this discussion;

  • Core beliefs
  • Thoughts
  • Actions
  • Habits
  • Character
  • Legacy

Some of the more critical areas of mindset that we need to consider are;

  • A positive outlook in general?
  • Sales and selling
  • Customers and clients
  • Your company, products/services and your boss!
  • Success and failure, rejection, self esteem, self image and self confidence?
  • Life in general?

How do you develop and positive mindset?

  • GIGO
  • The people around you
  • What are you doing to learn and grow?
  • Why are you here? Why are you sucking up air?

Two things “to do” this week

  1. Go to TSG and read the blog post “I Wanted To Introduce You To Jim Rohn
  2. Subscribe to the newsletter on!

Listener Question of the Week – the drop in oil prices is beginning to affect my sales numbers, and my pocket book! Any thoughts on what to do?


Quote of the Week - "Tough times never last, but tough people do." – Robert Schuller

 Jim Jacobus, CSP