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In The Sales Arena

Welcome to "In the Sales Arena" with Jim Jacobus ...

This podcast provides real world strategies, tactics, sales skills and mindset to build the sales career, and life you want! Jim Jacobus has spent the last 20+ years designing, developing and delivering sales and sales management programs for elite organizations like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Halliburton, Akzo Nobel, IBM, XEROX and many more.

In this podcast Jacobus shares the best of the best from the 1,000’s of days and 10’s of thousands of hours spent working with outstanding sales teams literally all over the world! Want more from your sales career and your life? This is the place to be!

May 28, 2015

Welcome! This is the last podcast for Mindset May! 


So far in May we have discussed:


1.  What we think matters

2.  The mindset of an entrepreneur

3.  Considering what really is possible



4.  Today:  3 Key Sales Strategies for Partnering with Clients


•Customers are not adversaries – we are not at war with them!  We want to       partner with them to in their fight towards profitablility.


•Partnering with “ideal clients” is more fun!

                     It is a lot easier!

                     And … We make more money!


Bottom line? Partnering with clients is the best ROI for all of our hard work!


Let's review of the 6 Levels of Relationship


Level 1 – they don’t know us

Level 2 – they do know us

Level 3 – we are considered as a vendor

Level 4 – we are a supplier

Level 5 – we are a partner

Level 6 -  we are an adviser


In our workshops we discuss what percentage of potential profit is there at each level and the big leap is between 4 and 5.  


The example is: For every $100 in profit per sales, what dollar amount would come from each level of relationship:


Level 1 - $0

Level 2 - $10-$20

Level 3 - $30

Level 4 - $40-50

Level 5 - $75-$85

Level 6 - $100


Most sales reps spend the majority of their time in Levels 3 and 4, so you can see that there is money left on the table with every sale!


3 Strategies for Partnering With Clients


1.  Focus on working more and more with ideal clients – the ones who respect and appreciate you and what you do! Go to and search for “ideal clients”!


2.  We have to master what it means to sell “value” (what the customer values) day in and day out! Issue, action, impact! February webinar was on how to avoid the price trap by selling value!


3.  Be intentional about building Level 5 & 6 relationships! ITSA #022 is about the 6 levels!


So, as we wrap up Mindset May we hope we have challenged the way you think about sales! How we think really does matter!



Listener Question of The Week - "Ok Jim! What do you struggle with most in sales?"



Quote of the Week - "If eighty percent of your sales come from twenty percent of all of your items, just carry those twenty percent."  Henry Kissinger  



Have a great week gang!


Jim Jacobus